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Zero Trust Knowledge Base (ZTKB)


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If you work in product marketing, this knowledge base might contradict your asinine marketing ploys!

Zero Trust Definition

NIST's definition of Zero Trust:

Some History of Zero Trust


An international group of corporate CISOs and vendors known as the Jericho Forum focuses on solving the "de-perimeterization" problem. They call for "the need for trust."

Jericho Forum's Identity Commandments


Forrester coins the term "Zero Trust"


Google release BeyondCorp, the first Zero Trust architecture


"The concept of zero trust has been present in cybersecurity since before the term “zero trust” was coined."
NIST SP 800-207

Zero Trust vs Traditional Perimeter Based Defense

Castle & Moat

  • In traditional, perimeter based defense, trust is based on the network location that an access request is coming from.

  • Once attackers are in the network, they can move laterally with a network get to get to an organization's 'crown jewels' - that is, its most valuable data.

  • The traditional model is antiquated. It does not extend security to the new perimeter of cloud, mobile, and hybrid environments.

Zero Trust Outcomes

Zero Trust Outcomes​